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In today's TERROR filled world, many companies are finding their employees increasingly affected by the stress that can be caused by the ongoing War on Terror. Whereas previous wars have been fought on far off beaches, mountains, cities, and Europe, this is a war that is taking place in our very offices, cars and places of worship.

What can responsible, caring, business leaders and managers do to alleviate their workers

fears? is here to help. As a great man once said, "Fear of the unknown is the scariest fear of all fears". Using the latest information sourced directly from the Department of Homeland Securities own servers, we can bring the cleansing salvation of information to your work zone.

With a wide range of products to choose from, including the "Threat Cooler Buddy" for communal meeting spots, the "Executive" with Pre-emptive-Threat technology and the pocket sized "Mini-Threat", can you and your business really afford to live in fear? Not to mention our THREAT SHIRTS, which allow you to alert your local communities and neighbors to the current Danger!! is here to profit, but we're also here to help.

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